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Definition of Shared Hosting

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If you have decided to build your own personal web site, but are not quite certain about what a website is and are unfamiliar with the term "shared hosting", this article is devoted to explaining these concepts in simple terms.

What precisely is a website?

A web site is a collection of web pages gathered systematically. It has a unique website address, also called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). A web site may include just one single web page and sometimes may even be comprised of as many as one thousand webpages.

What is a web hosting server?

A web hosting server permits you to upload your website onto it. In some instances, there might be even 1000's of websites on a single web hosting server. The web hosting server essentially is a computer with specific hardware, which is placed in a datacenter with special cooling systems, whose task is to ensure the seamless operation of the server and all the websites accommodated on it.

In short, a hosting server will be indeed a launch pad when the time comes for you to launch your web site. It could be any kind of web site - a corporate site containing multiple web pages, or a web site, which consists of only a couple of webpages and which you have built just for your mates and relatives.

You've reached a decision about what your web site will be, now what?

Once you have decided what kind of website you wish to establish, the next move is to discover what kind of web hosting service you have to choose for your Internet adventure. Basically, there are two kinds of website hosting services - free-of-charge website hosting services and professional paid website hosting services. The free-of-cost web hosting solution is generally utilized by persons that do not possess a business-related website.

Positive and negative sides of the cost-free website hosting solution

You will not obtain a lot of features with a charge-free hosting plan. Features like bandwidth, memory and hosting server disk drive storage space are restricted and inadequate for a complex Internet shop or a business-related web site, or even for a web site with a lot of graphics. Also, there are a lot of banners placed on your site by the hosting solutions provider. These advertisements take up lots of space on your web site and are rather embarrassing.

Shared website hosting

The professional paid shared website hosting services tend to be more stable and offer lots of powerful features aside from the high-quality hosting server that will host your site and its files. In spite of that, it is essential to know which features your site needs before purchasing your web hosting package. You should not rush and end up investing cash in something that your site does not need.

Select your hosting plans provider

It is not difficult to find a hosting distributor. You have to just carry out an online search in order to find a web hosting company that meets your web site's needs. Before you make your actual choice, have a peek at the specifications of the web hosting packages supplied by the web hosting suppliers that have caught your attention. We, for example, are among the top-notch hosting distributors on the market now. The broad variety of services and our prices are what makes us an attractive option. Yet, you must confirm what kind of web hosting solution you require and if the price suits your budget. Furthermore, you must always remember to double-check the web hosting distributor's ToS prior to opening an account to make sure that your website is not abusing them.

Signing up for a hosting account

Once you have determined what features are best for your site, the next step is to sign up for an account with the hosting company of your preference. You will get all the important tools for managing your web site files and databases. With us, for example, you will obtain a web hosting Control Panel, which contains domain name, website, database and mailbox management sections. You log into the hosting Control Panel using your unique user name and password, which grants you secure access to the part of the web hosting server where your web site will be hosted.

Uploading your website

You can either upload your web site through an FTP client application or, as is with most web hosting distributors, via a web-based tool that is included within the Control Panel. With us, the File Manager is quite intuitive and offers features similar to those found in Windows Explorer, which makes file management exceptionally easy. We offer also a web site builder and a PHP-based script installer, which you can utilize to set up your site if you have no programming expertise and are taking your very first steps in web design. The online site building tool, dubbed SiteStudio, will also save you the time and effort of making a website on your personal computer and then uploading it through an FTP client application or the File Manager tool.

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